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Welcome to Elisa Annika Photography


Hello. Nice to meet you. I am very glad you found your way here. 

Photography is fascinating. It can freeze time, and although photography cannot express a moment in its entirety – lacking of sounds, scents etc. – it has the capability to make that moment recallable even after years.

There’s a story behind every photo and the photographer plays a major role in its narrative. Whether we aim to create a realistic representation or an artistic impression, a photo is a summary of the interpretations and choices made in that moment. What we see is how we see, and a photo simply tells how we want things to be seen by others. As a photographer, I am fully aware of this persuasive nature of photography and I approach it with great respect and thought.

Photography has taken me to beautiful places and I’ve met wonderful people. I am grateful for every story I have been part of and all the opportunities that lie ahead.

Enjoy your journey through my gallery. You’ll find more works on my Facebook and Instagram profiles. 

Yours thoughtfully,



Elisa Vesterbacka